Enterprise Cloud Management

Learn how to optimise your entire cloud ecosystem without expensive resources.


CloudwareONE provides cost analysis, cloud spend optimisation. Custom alerts and reporting, ensure accountability and governance as your cloud infrastructures scale.


Get a complete view of the security landscape of your cloud infrastructure. Enable protection for state and activity monitoring, work smarter with real insight while meeting regulatory demands.


Multi-account views and dashboards provide advanced reporting for complete roster of assets including on tags, local, function and more to sustain optimal workloads.


CloudwareONE provides detailed statistics on the usage of public cloud resources. Providing intelligence to right-sizing workloads and scale core services efficiently to reduce costs.


CloudwareONE enables its customers to reduce cloud spend, gain operation efficiencies and increase business agility with automated tasks for your cloud.

Plan, Automate and Start Optimising Cloud Spend

CloudwareONE offers a single pane of glass view to help modern organisations manage and optimise their public cloud. With the paradigm shift to moving to public cloud, the benefits are vast but at the same time there is the new management layer of controls.

Most organisations want to manage their applications and server estates easily and effectively and take advantage of what the public cloud can offer.

CloudwareONE takes away the administrative overhead that public cloud by providing a quick and easy way to optimise spend, eliminate waste, and improve security and compliance without years of experience and re-skilling your complete organisation.

Compatible Technologies

Designed to enhance the benefits of the best in class cloud providers within one simple to use GUI.

Accelerate the Full Potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with CloudwareONE

AWS is the leading cloud solution for organisations to innovate and deliver their business applications faster. As organisations transform their business leveraging the power of AWS, the options for total visibility, analytical intelligence, automation and business accountability to make the most of their cloud investments. With CloudwareONE, enterprises, service providers, and government agencies can manage a hyper-dynamic, ephemeral, and elastic cloud environment as usage and demand grows.

Advanced Visibility and Control for AWS

CloudwareONE turns complexity into clarity, delivering analytical insights and automation to mitigate security risks, optimise cloud spend, and increase operational efficiencies. CloudwareONE is a comprehensive cloud management and governance platform that sits on top of AWS environments to provide customers complete visibility and control over siloed data from across AWS infrastructure.

Effectively Manage Your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Environment

CloudwareONE helps you optimise Google Cloud Platform with a unified view of resources, inventory, usage and more. Active monitoring and dozens of best practice checks keep your cloud ecosystem efficient and secure in real time.

CloudwareONE provides deep insights into a variety of GCP services. Custom alerts and reporting give you the visibility needed to fully optimise your Google Cloud.

Security and Compliance for GCP

CloudwareONE actively monitors your GCP environment for security issues, including common misconfigurations and storage bucket vulnerabilities.

Bring together cost and security data into a single pane of glass, gaining insights that keep your Google Cloud safe, compliant, and effective.

Actionable Insights to Manage Your Azure Environment

CloudwareONE unifies Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud insights in one comprehensive platform for complete IaaS management and governance. With customisable dashboard alerts and reporting, CloudwareONE offers the complete solution to make the most of your Azure cloud investment.

Unified Visibility for the Azure Cloud

CloudwareONE delivers an enterprise cloud management platform for Microsoft Azure. Our sophisticated CMP offers control and clarity for leading organisations to manage and optimise their public cloud investments. CloudwareONE offers a single pane of glass for critical inventory and utilisation activities to manage and reduce expenses, with intelligent insights to allocate and optimise costs effectively. Security monitoring ensures your Azure cloud stays safe and compliant while you grow.