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CloudwareOne for Public Sector

Unified Cloud Management for Central Gov, Local Gov, Blue Lights & Education

CloudwareONE helps government and government-related organisations increase efficiencies, strengthen security and optimise costs as a cloud management platform. With its certified AWS Government Competency for expertise in highly secure cloud environments, we offer continuous security monitoring, policy enforcement and usage visibility to meet all compliance requirements against global compliance regulations.


CloudwareONE for Government provides the AWS security, audit, and visibility tools to help fulfil the infrastructure portion of the Audit and Accountability (AU) standard outlined in NIST SP 800-53. CloudwareONE supports FISMA Moderate status.


CloudwareONE supports additional portions of the NIST standard. Continuous monitoring is provided by CloudwareONE’s unique Change Monitoring with CloudTrail integration. Alerts and reporting ensure that all changes are captured, reported, and stored.


CloudwareONE provides necessities such as IAM reporting, geographic awareness of data, and visibility into key security settings. With CloudwareONE, important usage statistics are instantly accessible for most primary and secondary cloud services.


CloudwareONE provides a comprehensive collection proprietary and configurable security checks to ensure proper configuration and compliance across accounts, departments, and agencies. Actionable reports and alerts provide recommendations to mitigate risks.